Reporting Systems

PowerBI, Reporting and Key Performance Indicators

Reporting Systems

Reporting should not be just a guide to past performance, but also a window into the future. Cashflow forecasts, project reporting and key performance indicators should all be a guide to better decision making and a more successful business.

Power BI

Dashboard Reporting

PowerBI is the Microsoft reporting and analytics tool, providing a visual presentation of the what if questions all businesses ask.

Business Reporting

Business performance can largely be measured by an increase in sales or a reduction in costs.

Reporting systems should help you understand your business and guide the decision making process. PowerBi is an interactive reporting application for data analysis, it is a free (*) addition to the Office365 suite. It is a tool for analysts and business managers.

PowerBi functionality

  • Visualisation by location using maps and locations
  • Summary by pie charts and gauges
  • Quick cards with key information
  • Tables with line details
  • Matrix views with summarised results
  • Filtering and comparing
  • Insights

A typical reporting project

Monthly Mangement meeting

  • We would setup an environment in SharePoint called Teams, this would be for a secure group of users within the organisation.
  • The reporting requirements would be reviewed, with Excel, Powerpoint and PowerBi used for creation and presentation.
  • Reports would be written and in particular PowerBi reporting would be used to create what-if and scenario reporting.
  • The meeting can then become more interactive and rather than just reviewing static reports it should lead to analysis, discussion, forecasting and action based on information.
  • Typically reports we help create are dynamic and can be accessed at any time with up to date information, encouraging daily review not just monthly contemplation.

PowerBi who is it for? Businesses who want to take control of where they are and where they are going.

Link to an example report