Example Finance Report

The following report is an example of a typical financial report detailing analysis of budget vs actual expenditure by a firm. The report can be altered by date and department using the 'slicers' that are present on each page- one containing the names of different departments and another containing the periods to be viewed. To look at, for example, an analysis of the Sales department for the first 6 months of the year, Sales should be selected from the Department dropdown, and the period slider should be moved along to show periods 1 to 6. It's an incredibly intuitive way to view small snapshots of data, without having to produce and view multiple reports.

Another way to alter the report is by clicking on certain areas of the visualisations within it. For example, clicking on the 'Expenses' section of the pie chart on page 1 alters the data in the column chart on the same page to show a breakdown of Expenditure vs Budget by month, but with the added information of what the values for Expenses were in each month in comparison to the overall values. Again, this is a simple way to drill down into data in a really useful way, and is what Power BI is brilliant for.

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