Business Reporting Services

Insights that matter.

At HG Technology, we know the value of Business Insights to companies of all sizes. There are many things in business that are said better in a snapshot of 5 visuals than a page of text, so that’s why we work as a Microsoft Power BI partner to deliver this service. Reporting should not be just a guide to past performance, but also a window into the future. Cashflow forecasts, project reporting and key performance indicators should all be tools used to ensure better decision making, and a more successful business as a result.

Example Reports

The biggest strength of business reporting is the ability to bring data to life in a visual and interactive format, and eliminate the dull and uninspiring nature of performance reviews and other data-driven business processes. This is why we've created example reports using sample data- because we know that simply describing the capabilities of Power BI isn't nearly as useful.

Financial Report

Cost minimisation is essential for a profitable business, and Power BI makes this easy across multiple departments, and throughout the business.

Product Report

View key information on Product Performance across multiple sectors & regions, and track chnges in trend values to more successfully meet targets.

Sales Report

Track sales values in multiple locations with the click of a mouse, and drill down data from global level right the way to district level.

A Structured Process

We follow a set project plan for all of our reporting projects, ensuring that effeciency is maximised without the loss of accuracy. It also means that our clients are kept informed at every step of the process.

What we do

At HG Technology, we're set apart from our competitors by our extensive understanding of the businesses we work with. We specialise in Cloud Computing and provide a large number of services including Business Reporting, Customer Relationship Management and SharePoint Implementations. Our team comprises of a mixture of qualified accountants and techincal developers, providing a wide range of relevant knowledge for your technology needs.