Example Product Performance Report

The following report is an example of a typical product performance report for a bike sales company. This report is for a specific set of data in a specific industry, but demonstrates the capacity of Power BI to deliver great business insights. The report is interactive, and is navigated as follows.


  1. To enter full screen, use the button in the bottom right corner of the report
  2. To navigate between pages, use either
    • The arrows on the bar at the bottom of the report
    • The arrows and home button contained in the report
    • The Buttons on the home page of the report
  3. Click on individual parts of visualisations to filter pages by a specific field- for example, clicking on a month on the 'Sales' page column chart will display a view of the other visualisations for the selected month only.
  4. Click on any of the checklist boxes on the 'Gross Profit' page to filter the page by Group, Product and/or Country.
  5. Click on a specific month on the 'Gross Profit' trend analysis chart to see the trend for the selected month only.

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