Example Sales Report

The following report is an example of a typical sales report by geographical location, where the coloured bubbles on each map represent sales in different locations. The report is interactive, and can be 'drilled down' (viewed in more detail) by the following process:

Drill Down

  1. Click anywhere within the report, and a toolbar should appear at the top of the window
  2. Click on the downward-facing arrow on the right hand side of this toolbar to turn on drill-down capability
  3. To drill down, click on any of the coloured sales bubbles in each country
  4. To drill back up again, click on the upward-facing arrow on the left hand side of the toolbar


  1. To enter full screen, use the button in the bottom right corner of the report
  2. To navigate between pages, use either
    • The arrows on the bar at the bottom of the report
    • The arrows and home button contained in the report
    • The Buttons on the home page of the report
This report is for a specific set of data in a specific industry, but demonstrates the capacity of Power BI to deliver great map-based business insights. As an example, one of our clients in the Pharmaceutical sector employs patient records across multiple countries to view the global uptake of products that they supply. Power BI allows them to transform their data from a collection of uninspiring figures to a professional interactive report, that provides a snapshot of key information in a much smaller amount of time.

London Sales Report

Power BI can also deliver reports in specific locations, using the latitude and longitudes of certain locations. Whilst this report is again an example of a specific business type, the techniques used to create this report are applicable to a vast number of different industries. We've previously created reports of this sort for Pharmaceutical companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Bridging Loan Companies and more.

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