Case Studies

Project examples to date

Case Study 1: Organisation: A Property PLC
Moving to the Cloud

We provided advisory services, reviewed alternatives and then project managed the process.

Issue: Internal Server technology was expensive to manage and due for replacement

Opportunity: Update user technology, improve infrastructure reliability and reduce cost

Solution: Both internal and external (cloud based) alternatives were reviewed. A cloud based server model was chosen and the applications were successfully moved to a remote hosting platform

Achieved Benefits: Cost savings of 30% were achieved as well as aligning client software versions throughout the organisation and enabling faster and simpler implementation of new client equipment

Case Study 2: Organisation: A Property Managing Agent
Excel based reconciliation system

We provided development services to create a system for the customer.

Issue: Weekly cash reconciliations for multiple bank accounts were very time consuming and allowed inaccuracies

Opportunity: Automate the reconciliation process and change the activity to be checking instead of data input

Solution: Microsoft Excel based solution utilising bank file downloads and highlighting discrepancies

Achieved Benefits: This process has saved hours each week and given greater comfort to the reliability of results

Case Study 3: Organisation: A Property Owning Company
Integration between systems

Our services included system design, colloboration with the software vendors and application development.

Issue: Manual re-entry of the Owner's accounting information was occurring from reports produced by their property managing agent

Opportunity: Write a system to automate the transfer of data between the agent's management system and the owner's finance system, reducing workload, improving accuracy and changing the emphasis to review rather than entry

Solution: An extraction process was written to read the data out of the agent's Qube Property Management software. This was presented to the agent in Microsoft Excel for review and then a further import routine was created to post the extracted data directly into the owner's Sage accounting software

Achieved Benefits: This has saved the company accountant two days of entry a month, enabling her to concentrate on higher value issues and also improved the entry accuracy

Case Study 4: Organisation: A Property Advisory Agency

Our role was to collaborate with staff and assist them in setting up a new SharePoint System.

Issue: A Property Advisory Agency wanted to implement SharePoint

Opportunity: Staff had experience of SharePoint from previous implementations

Solution: By combining new techniques and tools with internal experience the organisation implemented SharePoint designed for their business by their staff

Achieved Benefits: There was much faster user acceptance and a solution that greatly benefitted the business