HG Technology specialises in cloud-based business solutions and consultancy services.
We primarily use Microsoft 365 applications to provide our clients with tailored systems that solve problems and enhance the way your business operates.


Customer Relationship Management from Microsoft. (Dynamics 365)
Satisfied customers mean healthy business. An effective Customer Relationship Management system is essential for meeting modern customer expectations and securing recurring deals. Differentiate yourself from competitors by providing a quality service and building long-lasting relationships.


Financial reporting and analysis can often be dry and fail to present the underlying trends in a recognisable way. Modern Business Intelligence tools aim to overcome this by giving the user true insight into their business through graphical representation. We have been providing reporting solutions to PLCs and small businesses since 2010 and with experience in this area going back many years, we’re well qualified to provide advice.

Documents and Data

SharePoint is Microsoft’s solution to where your organisation should be storing its files, documents and data. It is a web-based system built to aid collaboration. Document libraries, “list” data tables and security features empower business teams to work together. The customisable platform gives you the ability to control access to information, provides security solutions for confidential files, and automates workflow processes across business units.


We believe in offering our customers business solutions that are beneficial to the way they operate – our property inspection software perfectly fits with that ethos! Once we understand how you conduct inspections, we work with you to create a system that is tailored to your needs. Hours of manual input are saved by the tools we use to import your contacts and property information. We create bespoke forms, questionnaires and reports that are ready for you to use from day one. Not only do we create the system, but we train all your users so that they are comfortable from the start.