Products and Applications

We provide bespoke development expertise as well as implementing off the shelf solutions from the Cloud's leading providers.

We have developed a number of products for our clients, ranging from generic products to bespoke applications to satisfy a specific client need. Specific developments include time recording, management and billing, personnel holiday and absence management, snagging and sales management. All of our products are SQL Server relational database based systems accessed via a web front end either directly or via SharePoint Online. Our Development approach is to fully understand the client's requirements, by taking both immediate and future requirements into account.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Online (as part of Microsoft Office 365) is the main product we focus on, which is the Microsoft online document management and collaboration system. We manage migrations from old file server based systems to the cloud and we utilise a number of tools to do this including Metalogix (, Layer2 Cloud Connector ( and OnePlace Solutions (

We specialise in providing more than a file storage system, but look at online document and information management using the SharePoint framework for control.

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Microsoft PowerBI

PowerBI is Microsoft's latest reporting tool. Our implementation process looks at the security and sharing process of business critical reporting. We work with staff to understand key business indicators and then write reports and templates and link this to live data.

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We begin by exploring off the shelf products, and in the absence of an adequate standard product we will then work to produce a bespoke specification. We then generate an outline cost from which we can plan a timeline, and project plan for development and implementation. The biggest consideration in modern development is the continuous change in requirements, either from new features or different ways of working. The building process therefore needs to be agile to adjust to these changes whilst still delivering the required features- these considerations are core to our ethos and approach.

Third Party Products

Accounts IQ is a brilliant new cloud based finance system that works wells for SME's and is particularly suited to multi company organisations requiring consolidation and advanced reporting. It works well for a wide variety of businesses. We have been involved in customer implementations for clients that include: a merchant bank, a foreign exchange trader, a property real estate investment trust and private schools.

Layer2 Cloud Connector provides data transfer automation and we use this tool to synchronise application data from local systems into SharePoint and then present it. For example, one property company has reduced the need for Property Management Software licenses as now their portfolio managers use the reports on SharePoint for fast accurate access to information without ever needing to access their in-house property management system. This has also reduced costs further by removing the need for costly training on the proprietary property system.

OnePlace Solutions products provide additional functionality to Microsoft Office applications in the integration with SharePoint Online (and SharePoint on premise). This better integration improves speed of access to documents, simplifies the use of SharePoint's beneficial metadata tagging features and aids in the transition of users from local file server based systems to SharePoint Online cloud document management.