Consultancy Services

Independent Advisory Service

Scenario: Below is an email received from one of our clients- a property investor and outsourced service provider to councils. Email from director at an existing client:

"I had a call from our client services director (at our mid-size support services company), essentially the support company want to novate us to another company with ex-employees as we are too small for them now.. We will be seeking to move our organisation to either the outfit they have sold our account to or to another IT support company you recommend... "

Our process: What we will do is review the requirements, uncover the reasons for the departure, evaluate the options and give a recommendation or recommendations. We will charge for our services, just time spent and any costs incurred, and there is no commission from the partner chosen. Our role is client orientated and we are not looking to provide on-going services, we will act on behalf of the client and look to find the best partner for their business needs.

Client Side Project Management

Scenario: An existing client is changing its technology infrastructure to become cloud based. Our process: What we will do is work with the client's internal users so that they are aware in what way the change affects how they work, we will manage the timescale and project deliverables and engage the relevant expertise at the right time. We will also control cost and keep the project to both time and budget.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Scenario: A client wants its external directors to have access to business performance reporting from Microsoft CRM without needing to provide them with all the detail and give them full access to the CRM. Our process: Microsoft provide a reporting and dashboard tool called 'PowerBI' which links in to Microsoft CRM along with other sources. This can then be presented via a web page or SharePoint for external users to access. We will work with the Client to define the data sources and create the datasets, then produce the dashboard reports and data tables for the presentation. This will be automated and a reporting page will be created.


Scenario: A Client wants to transfer documents from local server storage to a cloud provider. Our process: We would review with the client the most appropriate cloud provider and then implement the solution and manage the document and data transfer. The new environment would be created with security considerations, external colaboration, search and additional data.

Other Services Include:

  • System review
  • System design and implementation
The key to our services is that we are independent and work with integrity, and our intention is to foster a long term relationship. Our approach is consultative and we always ensure we fully understand the requirements before we act.