About Us

At HG Technology we may well be experts in providing cloud-based solutions to meet a specific need but we’re all about the outcome and the value we bring. We are results-driven both in terms of the technology we implement and the relationships we build, partnering our clients over the long term as a business evolves and grows.

Whilst initially our focus was on helping property companies, today we work with organisations across a variety of sectors from professional services to financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

We believe that an equal blend of integrity and product independence and knowledge underpin the longevity of our client partnerships. This and a philosophy to always seek out the best solution for the customer, not the most profitable for us. It is why we often steer clients away from bespoke applications in favour of us tailoring an existing product and making it work harder and smarter for them.

Whatever the remit, no matter the size or scope of the project, we are a close-knit team who share the same values and approach each client the same way, the HG Technology way which you can read more about

Our Approach


Our team is a mix of ‘older’, insightful and experienced with younger members who are energised and offer up great new ideas.  As well, we collaborate and bounce ideas off each other which is an approach that is both refreshing and different.


We retain our customers.

A good measure of honesty in business is customer feedback. We are proud that our clients have a lot of good things to say about us and tell us they don’t just stay for our excellent service, and how we go the extra mile, but also for our ability to understand their issues. They consider us good value money too and welcome our charging structure of 15-minute intervals backed up by a time report setting out all work carried out.


We do what we do, we don’t try and do what we can’t do.  We can do a lot, but if we aren’t the best option we will say so.

Our People


Malcolm Stoodley is our Commercial Director who after a lifetime in marketing and advertising decided to risk an adventure in technology services. He brings commercial expertise and real world experience and helps us to be more process driven. Out of work, he attempts to reduce his golf handicap and supports Harlequins, and they know it!

Technical Services
Paul Hill
Technical Development
Paul Hill is our technical director with previous experience as a product manager who was responsible for creating one of the property industry’s leading software packages. His experience also encompasses .NET developments, utilising the Microsoft Azure cloud to deliver highly scalable applications. Paul is happiest when travelling the country visiting our clients or out walking in the glorious UK countryside whatever the weather.

Zac Fallows
SharePoint, PowerApps and the PowerPlatform
Zac Fallows joined us in early 2021 as our Technical Consultant. He has become particularly proficient at SharePoint and Dynamics 365 implementation and is a specialist in the Power Platform suite. It’s not often Zac’s seen without wearing music headphones, indeed for the headshot we had to airbrush them out!

Client Services
David Gee
Consultancy Services
David Gee heads up our consultancy services business. He qualified as a Management Accountant and whilst working achieved an Mba. Applying technology answers to business questions is what he does best and he is happiest finalising that last tax accrual or peddling his bike up a mountain.

Khalid Muhdar
Project Management
Khalid Muhdar graduated from Royal Holloway University in Management with Digital Innovation and is our Project Manager. Khalid spends his time working on SharePoint Implementation, Reporting and Business Intelligence. He is our ‘irregular’ representative in Abu Dhabi and claims he goes there for business opportunities and says “it’s not about the weather”!

Millie Beere
Product Management
Millie Beere graduated with a degree in Marketing and is responsible for our Inspection Software and our partnership with Resco. As well as customer training, Millie also lends a helping hand on Dynamics and SharePoint projects. When Millie is not working you will find her out walking her dog in the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Back Office
The team is ably supported by Andrea and Amy-beth who are responsiple for day to day finance, HR and admin.

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