Why Dynamics 365? 

In business and as consumers, we all expect high levels of customer service, from speed of response to knowledge and understanding. It is why having a good CRM system in place is crucial, helping to both retain customers and attract new ones. At HG Technology we are adept at fine tuning Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM so that this already excellent off-the-shelf product can work even harder, and smarter, for your organisation. With our expertise, it will manage customer data from the point of lead generation through to after sales, helping you stand out from the crowd and succeed. 

Time-saving & teamwork

Dynamics 365 CRM uses smart analytics and AI to centralise customer data, helping to facilitate collaboration and empower teamwork between marketing, sales and service departments.

Using SharePoint infrastructure, key work flow and marketing tasks are automated, saving time, driving efficiencies and making sure every customer interaction is a success.

Functions & Features

When it comes to fully automating workflows and marketing functions, the system can be enhanced further through Click Dimensions or Microsoft’s Marketing Module.

Information can be fed in directly and visual reporting dashboards generated to give users an interactive view of customer data. We can also modify user entry forms to meet your requirements exactly, saving time and improving accuracy.

Accessible & seamless

Fully integrated with other Microsoft systems including Outlook, Dynamics 365 CRM is easy to use and seamless.

It works across multiple platforms, and because it is compatible with all major browsers, there is no need to download a dedicated ap.

Customer information can be accessed and requests dealt with anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Who’s Benefitted So Far?

See How You Can Benefit Too...

Tailoring Dynamics 365 CRM so that it meets your exact requirements demands specialist knowledge and expertise. At HG Technology, through our bespoke design and development skills, our team will find the best way to merge your existing data with the new system. Whether you want a big reveal or a quiet transition, we’ll make sure it’s ready to go live when you are. Contact us to learn more about our 5-step approach to bespoke development projects.

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