Why PowerBi?

PowerBl is a report-generating, business intelligence tool with the capacity to identify trends and deliver useful insights. Secure, intuitive and highly scalable, it can quickly turn dry, unpalatable data into visually appealing reports that are graphics-based overviews of performance, productivity and profitability.  Budgets can be managed, revenue opportunities recognised, and product performance reviewed to support a data-driven, results orientated culture.

Seamless & time-saving

By utilising Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure, PowerBl reports can be shared seamlessly and securely, facilitating collaboration whilst ensuring governance. Through graphical snap shots of key information, teams are kept up-to-date and well informed and it also removes the need for multiple, often complex reports, saving time and bringing cost efficiencies.

Functions & features

Reports can include key details on performance, productivity and profitability. Whether outlining sales results or reviewing product performance through specific data in a particular industry, they serve a variety of purposes.  Analysis of budget vs. actual expenditure for example in financial reporting helps minimise costs. And map-based insight on the global position of a product helps form strategy.

Intuitive & interactive

PowerBl is a useful and intuitive tool that provides interesting and interactive overviews of business data. Simple to use and fully integrated with other Microsoft systems, it works across multiple platforms. Because it is compatible with all major browsers, reports can be generated easily from anywhere and on all devices without needing to download a dedicated app.

Who’s Benefitted So Far?

See How You Can Benefit Too...

As with all off-the-shelf applications, there is no one-size-fits-all solution which is why tailoring PowerBl so that it meets your business needs exactly requires specialist expertise. At HG Technology, through our bespoke design and development skills, we will ensure your system works for you to give you the insight you need. 

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