Bespoke development

Five steps to successful implementation

No matter the brief, from developing bespoke apps from scratch to ensuring the system is being used to its’ full potential, at HG Technology there are five clear stages to successful implementation. It’s an approach we’ve honed over the years, and we know from experience helps ensure we deliver not only what’s needed today but can support your business tomorrow.

Discovery – we will talk to you to fully understand your current business structure and operations as well as carry out analysis of your data storage requirements.

Design – thorough fact finding will provide us with all the information we need to design a solution that meets your needs exactly.

Development – the system we develop will be dynamic enough to adapt to future changes and technological advances. Our team will take care of the backups and programmes needed for the migration process so you’ve peace of mind you’re in safe hands.

Delivery – you will receive a working system as well as staff training so everyone in your organisation can hit the ground running without needless disruptions and delays.

Review – once your new app or system is handed over, we conduct regular reviews to ensure it’s working for you.

Discovery & Review

The discovery stage is just that, an opportunity to find out about the business, what your needs are and what underpins key decisions.

It typically starts with a meeting where it’s important for us to understand what happens on a day-to-day basis, your current system (if any) and
the requirements of your project.

Only by carrying out a thorough review can we plan out the steps to achieve the product and end result we’re looking to deliver.

Planning & Design

Central to the design phase is knowing where your data sits so we can set out the optimal connection method to it.

Any data manipulation phases needed to transform the data into a workable format will be planned in. And if there’s a way to output your data to increase the efficiency of the project, this will be employed from the off, saving time and therefore cost.

With a carefully constructed plan of action in place, we’ll move onto development with complete confidence as to the outcome.


Development is the longest stage as involves implementation, configuration and production.

It is here that communication is key and will see us in regular contact with you to ensure we clarify any questions not answered during discovery and design.

It helps ensure accuracy of the ‘first version’ which you will have a chance to review and request any additions to.

As the project progresses, more changes are inevitable to ensure it is fit-for-purpose. And once relevant feedback has been actioned and a final product is agreed, we start delivery.

Delivery & Maintenance

There are many ways to deliver systems, and the suitability of each method will be determined largely on the permission requirements of an organisation.

During the delivery stage we’ll take account of the number of users you require and their usage needs, as well as privacy criteria.

Once the optimal delivery method has been agreed we’ll get the system up and running and once complete it will be ready to go live.

Maintenance will be ongoing with HG Technology on stand-by to fix any issues as soon as they arise and provide on-going, helpful support.


What is a perfect implementation? There is no such thing, but our  aim is to deliver something better than perfect.  In practice this means learning and recognising opportunities to improve the system during the course of the development and planning this into the system. 

The choice of a bespoke system is only valid if there is not an off the shelf system available or that it provides clear competitive advantage.  If you want to be ahead of your competitors let us work with you to achieve that.

Who’s Benefitted So Far?

See How You Can Benefit Too...

Every good business needs good IT infrastructure to serve its operational needs, drive efficiencies and support success. At HG Technology our default mode is usually to recommend then manipulate off-the-shelf products as it is the fastest, more cost-effective route. Sometimes however developing a perfect-fit bespoke system is the only solution to meet more complex needs and is a challenge we relish and take great pride in delivering. 

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