Why digitise inspections?

From tenancy reports to audits of key assets such as plant and machinery, being able to carry out inspections and record information digitally will transform field worker accuracy, save time and enhance productivity. At HG Technology we tailor Resco Solutions’ powerful mobile workforce software so that on or offline, the cloud-based system allows users to carry out inspections on a mobile device, with the information stored for later review. Data can be collected, branded reports generated and knowledge shared seamlessly, helping to drive efficiencies across a business.

Tailored & fully integrated

Resco’s platform has the advantage of being fully integrated with the Microsoft suite as well as SAP. At HG Technology we have the experience to take it to the next level. We combine our development expertise with SharePoint and Power BI knowledge to integrate and adapt a system that meet an individual business’ needs exactly. Implementation is seamless and includes pulling in relevant data, exporting completed inspections and presenting findings on visually appealing dashboards.

Functions & Features

With a fully customised HG Technology system, users can create forms quickly and easily without having to exit the app. In addition, by using clever drag and drop functionality, images and information are instantly brought together simply by taking a photo and tagging it with relevant inspection text. It is one of many user-friendly features that speeds up the inspection process and also where it’s possible to add corporate branding to reports giving a professional look.

On & offline capability

Inspections can be conducted on and offline from a dedicated app which is easy to use. It means staff can work anywhere, anytime, regardless of the connection and on mobile devices which are always to hand.

As part of the design and implementation process, HG Technology creates bespoke forms, questionnaires and reports that are ready to use from day one. And with the system built, we train users so they can use the software to maximum benefit.

Who’s Benefitted So Far?

See How You Can Benefit Too...

Working with Resco software, we are able to build fit-for-purpose front line business apps that meet the operational needs of any business having to carry out regular inspectionsNo matter the industry, from commercial property to construction, through our development expertise, HG Technology will work closely with you to understand why, how, when and where you conduct your inspections. We will then design a system that will improve efficiency by allowing for the bespoke creation of forms, questionnaires and reports.

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